The world market of rubber since 2011 has been oversupplied that reached from 220,000 tons in 2011 alone but decreased to 140,000 tons in 2015. This is affected by the growing tapping of natural rubber in the main regions like Malaysia and India. The decrease of producing is due to the tire and rubber factories. As they said it there will be increase of natural rubber in the whole world (2016-2020).

There are still factors happening in the economic and global growth (regarding the rubber company). The price of natural rubber is lowering. 2 years ago, China’s natural rubber market had fallen around less than $1200 when the asking price should be greater but not better than $1500.

As the decrease of rubber prices and decreasing manufacturers of rubber. China the world’s largest consumers and one of its automobile industry has seek to advance and expand and increment the use of rubber in their design. According to the latest research by 2020 they will use 5 million tons of rubber. That is an increase of 32% from 2015.

So it is expected that Thailand, Malaysia and ASEANs will represent a vital role to supply the demands of the tiger economy of China!

So if the companies want to gain more and take as much. Companies of rubber should advance and speed and have research how to speed the producing of Latex from rubber trees.